I would not be at the mercy of this noisy world, live my own life

2009-01-20 at 11:00 pm hugege

In this impetuous life inside, I only allow me to find a calm voice, not be.

    Yesterday, can not always know the next life, that is how. A friend of mine space sentence repeated emergence of chaos in my brain Miscellaneous: “If because of life, I could not even own at least have lost his mind, then I do not myself.” Well, I, how can I themselves?

    Natural sleep wake up, and then do what he want to do – I would say that this is what I want to life, some see the text you would think that this is inert, and I do not bother to defend for themselves, perhaps that is.

    Now, sitting in this office for clemency, suggesting that I am the future world is that the “generous”, next to the keyboard is ticking away the voice of beating, let me very rhythmic restlessness. Have to choose my profession, naive hope to every corner of the world’s gratifying news, I can be a warm text, or voice message to the world that the world is that some action palpitations, or brought a little bit of a smile, or there is no … … all the world to meet in this warm, let me give you the news brought warm.

    In later years that innocent children, I do not know that he is still, however, the only thing I know is that this society does not give me this opportunity to spread the kind of warm. You say is one of the world do not have so many harmonious conditions? I said, I do not have the thoughts about the ability of people.

If so, let me now about my own! Still may not … …

    From the small community into the university, the initial rash, Aura, after rigorous Shenxing final indifferent, unremitting, many people still think it is stubborn evolution, can I still think that this is the soul of the destruction of human nature The indelible. I am very instinctive to protect themselves, it is natural that the loss of their own, very simple apathy a lot of this should be passionate emotion and emotional thing. Mr. Zhou could not help but think of a very philosophical phrase: in silence perish! I might have to do.

    Whitney Houston’s music noise, I thought that some older people will give us sing a quiet life, she still did not expect that to continue impetuous, along with our impetuous.

Chunguang bright window, those lonely than I would also like the depth of the dark poisoning adults, even up the curtains to block sunlight that with temptation. I am afraid, they are hard to build in the protection of their own metal mask, afraid that deep in the Man in the Iron Mask issued under it as their own well-being of the child as a joke and laughter to others, so they simply refuse to see, do not listen, do not hear, do not ask … … Then, the quiet of their own to do now.

    I can continue to sit, or rush out?

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