Human spontaneous combustion phenomenon

2009-01-20 at 10:41 pm hugege

Yesterday, a 22-year-old man in Henan Shangqiu body suddenly caught fire and severely burned his girlfriend cohabitation, the current 2 in the hospital for observation, the man I can not be made.

     It is reported that 2 per capita is a local school students, women’s 18-year, rent on the outside have been living for some time. Woman told doctors, on the 13th afternoon, she and her boyfriend returned to rented after school, things began to feel that nothing lovemaking. Are pleased, she suddenly felt more and more lower body heat, while her boyfriend is also a complex facial expressions, speechless. Pulled out to have a look, I saw her red hot genitals species can not be around, and pretty soon it will become one of the coke. First aid was immediately hit Tel. After the hospital, doctors confirmed that the man is indeed a basic end-of-life penis natural fire, women’s lower body had been burned. Woman revealed that 2 people obsessed with sex, and her boyfriend like to drink spirits high. Doctors said the cause of the fire is currently unknown, but it may be a phenomenon of human spontaneous combustion, perhaps with men often related to drink driving.

     In the world, the human body is very rare phenomenon of spontaneous combustion, but also the fact that the existence of a lot of people are suddenly caught fire and then burn their own it all, very few lucky enough to survive. This is the first time in the mainland.

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