80 after all wrote the essay nirvana commands

2009-01-20 at 10:32 pm hugege

1. “The students looked clean classrooms, wiped the sweat on his forehead laughed … …” (used to describe after the clean-up)

2. Q: “kids, thank you, What’s your name?” (Used to help the elderly to cross the road after such good deeds)

A: “My name is red scarf.” Gold sentence ~ ~ ~

3. Xiaoming, Xiao Hong, Xiao-Gang, Li, small X … … In fact, the Chinese name of a good starting ~, Shoujian silver, the history of 38 celebrities are so ~ ~ ~

4. “Today the weather was clear and cloudless, and we came to the XX Spring Park..

  The first thing is the rockery eye. . ”

“In the afterglow of the setting sun, we are sorry to see the departure of the XX, I will always remember this happy and meaningful day!” Why should come back each Spring to write a weekly report?

5. “I love my family more love me great motherland.”

“Looking at the slowly rising red flag, I felt the reverence”

6. “Auntie to buy things when more than 2 cents to find. Bow their heads to see his chest fluttering red scarf, it returned to the.” And then is: I looked down and found that the chest of a bright red scarf more.

7. “Today is the first time I have laundry, today is the first time I wash the dishes, this is the first time I work, today is the first time I have…” Sure enough the first time have a great commemorative value

8. “In my memory, there is a story like the brightest stars in general …”

9. “I feet like lead, like irrigation 。。。。”

10. “Class, and some of them … … and some … …, there is the … …. Our after-school life is very rich ah!”

11. Countless revolutionary forefathers shed blood sprinkling only in exchange for our happy life today, and they are more than up, my heart very ashamed … … “” Five-Starred Red Flag is red with the blood of martyrs. “Childhood had really bloody – —

12. One day, Xiaoqiang on the road in the school day, Wang teacher riding on the road work. . . XXX is one day. “Good day for calm…

13. Whenever difficulties would like to retreat, the mind suddenly flashed XX (Zhang Haidi Big Sisters, etc.) figure, compared to her my What kind of difficulties this point. “Obviously when we told them is totally do not know, how such a love loaded cooked?

14. Since the Third Plenary Session. . . “Has finally grown up…

15. Candlelight, watching her mother’s hand then covered with callosity skillful help me, I can not help the tears flow out ”

16. Red powder seem like fire-Xia Sheng snow white!

17. Examples of Newton … .. … .. … .. Marie Curie Einstein Edison … … .. …

For teachers of the four celebrities hematemesis

18. Not experienced wind and rain, which may . . . ? If a cold penetrate to the bone, which was plum-smelling incense.

Commonly used descriptive sentence perseverance. .

19. Miss our teachers. . . Today is Teacher’s Day, the teachers are candles, burning themselves, others lit up.

They are the “engineers of the soul.” Poem goes like this: to death to make silk. . . . . ”

Day. Wang made the teacher so that the whole body strength and we have one last lesson. . . . But Wang teachers only taught us a semester on cancer died. . We miss him more than ah. . . . Moving to primary school, many teachers suffer from an incurable disease so dead

20. Today, on the road picked up a dime, uncle to the police. . Mind how indescribably happy. . Teachers also paid tribute to me, and I were happy to jump three feet high (top classic). Chairman Mao said: do a good deed is not difficult to do that every day. . .

21. In the light, looked at her mother’s white hair, I am. . . . Tears. . I have to. . . .

(80 after the mothers who were more than 30 years of age on the basic are the long white hair). . . .

22. Little Red is my table, fine pair of water under the eyebrows big eyes, as if talking in general as long as it is to write the eyes, the water wrong. . . .

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