80 after the 28 characteristics

2009-01-19 at 10:23 pm hugege

   1. Forever unable to find their own pens;

   2. Forever are not satisfied with their own hair;

   3. All the electrical appliances can not see Manual;

   4. To make full use of self-handling operations;

   5. The most frequently used is called the students;

   6. Kids love to play but I do not like children;

   7. Have a strange stubbornness;

   8. Acquaintances before then, and a stranger in front of a word;

   9. That sense of humor is the fundamental philosophy of life;

   10. In order not to stay up all night, it is better on the night;

   11. 51, 11 not out;

   12. Hobby is sleeping in there;

   13. Often feel old;

   14. 2 minutes often such arrangements: the former is the worship of one minute, after a minute into contempt or vice versa;

   15. Forever think that other people can not understand their own;

   16.MSN name for at least one day;

   17. Do not ask questions, just check Baidu;

   18. Everyone is a movie fan;

   19. Will paint a picture, like painting or want to learn to paint;

   20. There are a cartoon like image;

   21. Keen to study Horoscopes;

   22.R & B, R & R, Hip-Hip, at least like a;

   23. Familiar with every song K HA;

   24. Can wear shorts to work;

   25. Any work and computer-related;

   26. Computer must have a chat tools;

   27. I am happy, you do;

   28. Despite the disdain still read the above.

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